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Thursday, 19 October 2017

New Zealand Nuclear Free

In 1987 David Lange declared New Zealand's nuclear-free.

Nuclear weapons played a major part in the United States’ military arrangements, and the possible use of nuclear weapons or nuclear-powered vessels was suggested in any United States response to an attack on New Zealand. David Lange stated that nuclear is never safe.

Our legislation surrounds our stance as a nation opposing weapons of mass destruction (nuclear weapons) supports the disarmament of nuclear weapons and contributes significantly to the international discussion.

New Zealand is much safer without all of the nuclear weapons, bombs, and war-ships, what happens if one of the warships break down sitting in the dock? 
Sometimes this is referred to as the 'kiwi disease' which is how their legislation was sometimes referred to, which some countries saw as threatening but also as a powerful example to others because it could spread through other counties.

New Zealand's legislation is a way of eliminating the risk of nuclear accidents for all New Zealanders while at the same time demonstrating New Zealand's global promise to disarm nuclear weapons. In conclusion, it's safer for the world and New Zealand to be nuclear-free.

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