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Monday, 16 October 2017

Social Studies 1981 Springbok Tour

In 1981 the country was divided due to a rugby game. There were two sides in this event. My side protestings because South Africa had asked the All Blacks coach and manager to sit out all of the Maori players because the South Africans didn’t want to touch someone of a different skin colour. The other side wasn’t bothered by this and just wanted to watch some rugby. We, the protesters didn’t want the match to go on due to all of the racism. But the other side desperately wanted to watch this grudge match. This division caused riots, people hitting each other with batons just over this rugby game.  This went on for 56 days. I very much disagree with the South Africans ways, why is the black any different from the white? This was another act to make the darker skin feel superior to the white. At this point in time, the Maori players were some of the strongest in the All Blacks team. If the Maori asked the South African team to sit out all of their white players, they wouldn’t even have a team. The extent that South Africa go to, to separate the different skin colours is unbelievable. Even though there was all of this conflict the game was still played. New Zealand took out the win with a score of 22-25 even with all of the darker skin players sitting out.


  1. Renae, this is a very thoughtful post. Reading this highlights how crazy these times were. If you were an adult in 1981, what do you think you would've done / not done?

    1. Hey Mr S-W, thank you for your comment, as an adult I probably would have just stayed out of it, and been a couch protester.
      Cheers Renae

  2. Hi Renae,

    Love your post, I totally agree that color doesn't matter. This is a very strong argument.



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