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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Ski trip reflection

On Monday, we went on a class ski trip to temple basin. The walk up was a struggle, I spent more time on the ground, then on my own two feet. Although we were surrounded by snow,  we all got VERY warm! But eventually, we got there. This was my first time skiing, so ski boots were a new thing to me. I thought that they were ok until I had to walk through the snow with them on my feet. That was hard enough but then we had to carry our ski's over to the field, and because they had so much snow the past few days, everyone was sinking into the snow. When we got to the field, the first thing us beginners had to learn was how to walk up the mountain with ski's on. You have to have your skis horizontal to the slope or else you will go for a skate. Next, we learned how to pizza. This is what you do the whole way down and to stop, without falling over. I fell over about a million times before I could do this. One of the times I made a hole in the fence because I couldn't slow down! Then we went back to the lodge and had tea, brushes our teeth, made our bed up with our sleeping bags, and then went to sleep. The next day we got up, had breakfast and then hit the slopes. This time I was able to stop much more often and in the end, I could turn successfully and stop successfully. Then we packed all of our gear up and started off the walk down the mountain. About five minutes of slipping over, I didn't want to fall off the edge, so I was walking close to the rocks, little did I know that the snow was WAY deeper there. All it took was one step to get me stuck in the snow. My foot somehow got twisted, so I couldn;t just stand up to get out of the deep snow. We had to dig my foot out for me to stand up. The rest of the way down the mountain was full of slipping and sliding, but we got to the bottom and met our parents at school. It was so good to be beside a warm fire, with a hot milo when I got home!

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