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Friday, 26 May 2017

Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection

This week we had quite a lot, 
On Monday we had cross country, on Tuesday we were introduced to boom writer, where you are given the first chapter of a story then you and your peers have to write the second chapter, then we all vote on which one you think is the best, the winning chapter gets published into a book and then you write more chapters and vote on those ones too. On Wednesday Steve Gurney came in to talk about his journeys with Mount Cook and coast to coast, he saw the coast to coast race and said he was going to win it. He didn't the first time, he lost it five times before he won it nine times! He also climbed to the highest point of New Zealand which is Mount Cook. Then Emma our Mandarin teacher came in straight after that and we made panda masks and we also learned a few more words like Thank you, your welcome and others. On Thursday we had a guy who is an electrician come in and show us all about robots and at the end, we all made robots of the same kind, and then we raced them. Our team won which was with Malia, Mya, Chloe, Caitlyn and I.
And Today we have technology at Grey High.

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