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Friday, 5 May 2017

Week 1 term 2

Week 1 reflection.
This week Malia Tess and I tried to make chocolate bowls using a balloon as a mold. We melted chocolate and then we got a spoon and spread the chocolate around the end of the balloon. When I tried the balloon popped when I was just about to finish because the chocolate was hot so the temperature made it pop, then the chocolate went everywhere and we spent the whole time cleaning that up.

For our debate this term our topic is boys vs girls and my team is for girls
my team captain is Malia, the first speaker is Sonny, I am the secound speaker and Luke is third speaker.
My area that I'm doing is woman's leadership.

On Wednesday a lady from the polytech came in to teach us mandarin and she taught us the basics of chinese, and then we had a chopstick challenge against boys vs girls, each one of us (four were chosen from each team) had to pick up a lolly and put it into a container using the chopsticks, and the girls won! 24-19

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  1. Sorry to hear about your disaster in science. However, this is what it's about! Trial and error! Great to have your on board Renae, glad you had a positive first week in Room 8.


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