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Monday, 20 February 2017

When you fight it is a way of expressing your feelings, it’s a way to let go of the past and not hold onto it forever, when you fight with your friends, it’s not a bad thing we all do it, If you didn’t then it would not be a very good friendship. When you fight doesn't yell and scream at each other, don’t create annoyance, because that’s when you start fist fighting with no rules, it’s not like when you’re in the boxing ring and you have refs because there, you can tap out anytime you like. Fighting is right if you are fighting without violence.

Fighting for what’s right.
There is completely nothing wrong with fighting for what’s right, we should definitely encourage it,We can’t just let people say things and do things that we aren't so comfortable with so tell them, tell them what you think and don’t let anything stop you because fighting for what's right can change a whole perspective on something.

Fighting is a good thing, fighting can save a really good friendship, if you and your friends are fighting it's a good thing because if you don’t you would most probably go sprout off about it to everyone and make the situation a whole lot worse, so confronting them, and telling them can make a big difference.

Fighting is right if there were no fighting I would say that most of the world would not be happy, so when you and your friends fight it’s fine to be angry just not violent. Fighting can make a big difference to how the word is, what would’ve happened if it weren't for nelson Mandela?

Fighting is a good thing it can help you forgive and forget, it can change a whole new perspective, fighting can change history. 💥

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  1. Hi Renea
    your piece of writing is realy good because it tells which side your on so keep up the good work.

    Yours Pippa


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